Brass Paint by Custom Creation Paints

Our spray on brass can turn practically anything you want, into brass. It is a brass effect paint that sprays on to almost any surface creating a real brass effect for all to see. Our brass paint has been made popular by DIY enthusiasts that want to be surrounded by brass, even when they cannot find products they want in brass so they know that our brass paint can do that for them.

What Surfaces Can The Spray In Brass Paint Be Used On?

You can use our spray on brass effect paint on most surfaces that can be painted and even paper too; making it a popular brass paint for those dedicated to theatre, drama and performing as well as those into stage creation and prop building. We know that brass paint is a relatively new concept to the market, but those that have already tried it have loved the results.

The best thing about our spray on brass paint is that it isn’t like any old paint, it doesn’t just look like brass but it feels like brass too. When brass paint is sprayed onto any surface that can be painted it is cold to the touch, as real metal would be. This means that you can use brass spray paint to convert near enough any surface in your home into an authentic metal finish and it will feel just like real metal. It will also age as brass would creating a realistic brass atmosphere and experience on any surface; even when sprayed onto MDF wood for example, it will still be cold to the touch like real metal.

What Can Spray On Brass Effect Paint Be Used For?

Our spray on brass paint can be used for a wide range of materials and items; if you have something can be painted chances are it can be brass painted too. Our metal effect paint is ideal for when you are creating that faux antique look and can be used on light fixtures, door knobs and door knockers as well as shelving, photo frames, statues and more.

Hobbyists also use our spray on metal paint for miniatures and models as well as flower pots, plant pots and even garden furniture as it creates matt metallic finish and dries quickly to a tough and durable finish; another reason why our brass paint for wood and brass veneer paint is so popular among those with interests in decorative craft and up- cycling projects.

You can create amazing works of art on canvas with our spray on brass paint, make garden statues look classy and sophisticated, refresh worktops and shelving to look like brass and you can create a smooth finish that looks polished or a textured feel with adds depth and interest to any surface.

The brass paint spray cans are suitable for use on indoor and outdoor surfaces and will last the test of time as brass will, when the instructions are followed. Our brass paint is cost-effective, durable and beautiful – but unlike other metal paints, it is also quick and easy to use and the opportunities of surfaces and items you can make look and feel like brass are pretty much endless.

Where Can I Get Brass Effect Paint Spray Cans?

The brass spray paint kit is available directly from the team here at custom creation paints and the 2 pack kits for use with spary guns we sell cover 2.5sqmt and our spray cans will cover 0.8 sqmt of meteriels. These can be shipped anywhere across the UK or mainland Europe.

If you would like to find out more about our brass spray paint cans or any other metal effect spray cans that we have available please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be only too happy to help!

Our spray brass paint allows for a light-weight and real metal feel to a wide range of surfaces; all you need to do is decide what you would like to make look like brass first because once you realise how easy and effective the brass spray paint is to use and how fantastic the results are you won’t want to stop!

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